Wednesday, January 22, 2014


One of the best feelings in the whole wide world is falling asleep on a frosty, foggy evening only to wake up to a whole new world brought on by the beauty of freshly fallen snow! (How's that for alliteration?!) For me, the excitement of a first snow is one of the few pure, happy feelings that hasn't left me from childhood.

A lot of people complain about Virginia's wacky weather (it was in the 60's on Monday), but I think her indecisiveness is especially lovely for someone who loves spontaneity like me! There are winters where we have plenty of 70-degree days, and some where the idea of sun is a pipe dream, so it's never a certainty that we'll have snow. Most of the time our weathermen can't even get it right. At the very least, it makes life interesting.

I enjoy the chaos winter weather brings to our region. I love how flurries seem to send everyone into a tizzy--where groceries fly off the shelves, schools shut down, and the Department of Transportation pleads for people to stay off the roads. It's an unexpected day off from Life As We Know It. A time for us to slow down and enjoy the day. It's as if Mother Nature is crying out for attention.

So we gave her some attention, the boys and I. We trekked through the woods and out into an open field, where they gravitated to a small stream that had frozen over. Justice and Gibson were fascinated with the giant chunks of ice, and were intent on collecting (and keeping) them. (In the freezer, if you're wondering where). I found so much joy in the boys' pink cheeks and how much they delight in the novelty of the day.

At home, lunch and hot chocolate was served... along with a big fluffy blanket and warm pajamas. More perks of an unscheduled day off. I hope you're all staying safe and warm, and that this storm isn't a hinderance. Cuddle close and enjoy the simple pleasures of a your day. I know I will!

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