Wednesday, February 26, 2014


 Yesterday was such a joyous day for our family! I'm so pleased to announce the birth of my niece, Lucille Rose Bennett! Weighing in at seven pounds, three ounces, and measuring nineteen inches long, Miss Lucy has stolen the hearts of all!

Due to the health concerns and monitoring of Lucy's mama, she was delivered via c-section, and we had to wait a few (long) hours before visiting. When I did see her, I could barely contain myself! She has the most beautiful skin, and her head and face are so small and sweet--just like a perfect little apple! (I totally understand Gwenyth Paltrow's statement regarding her daughter's name now. Upon seeing Lucy for the first time, it was the first thing I thought of!) This little girl, my niece, is just a treasure. 

I'm so excited for her to come home, and for everyone to get settled in so I can overstay my welcome, smothering her with all my love and kisses! I'm over-the-moon happy for my brother and his new family, for this new life that has been created. Life is really, really exciting right now!

Dear Lon, Jenice & Christian,
We love you all, and cannot wait to begin our adventure with our new girl.
xx, LC

Both Lucy's paternal and maternal grandmothers were there! (These two together are W-I-L-D!)

 As was her big brother Christian! 


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  1. Oh mygosh, congratulations to the parents and your whole family! She is so so precious!


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